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System overview to alert merchants to potential chargebacks before they occur, allowing the merchant to prevent a chargeback by issuing a refund instead


Chargebackhit is a unified source of data with a layer of proprietary technology aimed at boosting the efficiency and ROI of chargeback prevention. The two main chargeback alert networks are Visa (Verifi) and Mastercard (Ethoca). Each network includes numerous issuing banks, with some banks included in both networks; at the same time, coverage is provided by Visa/Mastercard networks worldwide. The solutions remedy to your chargebacks are given below: CBHit-1-2.png

Using our direct connection to providers, we can support merchants by assisting at one of the first stages in the dispute-resolution process, helping you to resolve the issue without investing much time into analyzing your disputes and to cut your chargeback costs in addition.

Our platform helps merchants to prevent a chargeback before the dispute process is initiated.
For instance, a customer files for a chargeback, and the issuer, instead of immediately filing a chargeback, sends the notification directly to the merchant through our solution, requesting more details about the transaction nature. A merchant either provides details for the purchase or initiates a refund, notifying the issuing bank and thus avoiding a chargeback.

Several approaches allow you to prevent chargebacks and remain on the side of Visa and Mastercard:

  • Using Consumer Clarity and Order Insight chargeback merchant services through seamless Chargebackhit integration. Once a customer sends a chargeback request or clarification of the transaction to their issuing bank, a bank requests the details from Visa, and Visa requests them from the merchant. The merchant can provide all the necessary data automatically, using Consumer Clarity, Order Insight, and Chargebackhit as a communicator between the issuing bank and the cardholder on one side, and the merchant on the other, which can prevent a possible chargeback.
  • Integration with Verifi (RDR&CDRN) and Ethoca (Mastercard&Issuers alerts) provides a service to resolve chargebacks. Confirmed cases of card fraud from issuing banks are rapidly sent to merchants. This allows preventing chargeback claims from becoming disputes without exceeding the thresholds, chargeback ratios, payment processing fees, dispute resolution costs, and program compliance fines.

Conclusion, preemptive notification tools Order Insight and Consumer Clarity are combined into Prevent to preempt disputes, that data can later be compiled into Recover to fight chargebacks.
Resolve integrates RDR for auto-resolve, CDRN and Ethoca with refund on the merchant side.


The Chargebackhit service is an API that accepts JSON requests. Requests come from Visa&Mastercard and they are alerts issued by user who initiated a chargeback.

For each product, the alert processing flow is approximately the same:

  • Transform the alert into an internal form and save it to the database
  • Check if there are:
    • duplicates
    • exclusion rules
  • Create a request for the merchant and notify
  • Process the merchant’s response and reply to the provider

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