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Discover our guides to effectively use the system for chargeback prevention and monitoring

Explore our detailed guides to master the use of Chargebackhit for effective chargeback prevention and monitoring. With features designed for real-time Glossary
Chargeback alerts are vital for merchants, signaling potential chargebacks from issuing banks. These alerts offer an early warning, enabling proactive dispute resolution or refund to avoid chargeback consequences. This system helps manage chargebacks, preserving reputation and finances.
, detailed reporting, and in-depth analytics, Chargebackhit empowers you to manage chargebacks efficiently.

Insightful guides for chargeback management

  • Guide
    Our product offer insights for using the system to monitor and reduce chargeback risk.

    Dive into our comprehensive guides on products to understand how to utilize our system for monitoring and mitigating chargeback risks effectively.

  • Guide
    General information about the integration of the chargeback alert system.

    Learn about integrating our chargeback system into your operations, including an explanation of its internal logic.

  • Guide
    Chargebackhit is a centralized platform for administrators to manage and view chargeback alerts.

    Use the Chargebackhit HUB for centralized chargeback alert management, providing a user-friendly platform for administrators.

  • Guide
    Chargebackhit dashboard offers a visual summary of chargeback alerts and risk management metrics.

    Utilize our dashboard for a visual overview of key chargeback metrics and data, enabling efficient monitoring and management.

API Reference

Secure your operations with Chargebackhit’s , handling alerts and outcomes efficiently for a seamless reconciliation process.

Remember to safeguard your secret keys.


Efficiently manage and test alerts with our sandbox environment, ensuring your Integration API are secure and effective. Analyze and manage merchant data, and simplify onboarding processes with our comprehensive API tools. Webhooks automate notifications from Chargebackhit, enabling instant responses to alert events for real-time action and enhanced system responsiveness.


  • Chargebackhit’s API encompasses a suite of tools dedicated to merchant and Glossary
    Card Acceptor ID (CAID) is a unique identifier given by your Acquirer, crucial for transaction management. It ensures transactions are correctly processed. Multiple CAIDs might be assigned for varied financial operations, requiring accurate management for dispute resolution and financial accuracy.
    data management.

These tools empower businesses to evaluate risk levels comprehensively and establish in-depth risk profiles, facilitating informed decision-making and risk mitigation strategies.

This functionality simplifies the integration process for merchants, enabling quick and efficient setup within the Chargebackhit system.


Explore our essential resources to navigate through the complexities of chargebacks with ease:

  • Guide
    Reason codes explain chargebacks, dispute processes, and prevention strategies.
    Chargeback reason codes

    Dive into the standardized list of reasons for chargebacks established to guide banks on when a chargeback may be submitted for credit card or direct debit transactions on behalf of customers.

  • Guide
    Explanation of a chargeback, detailing the types and flow from initiation to resolution.
    Chargebacks explained

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of chargebacks, including their causes, types, and the various strategies available for prevention.

  • Guide
    Thresholds refer to the predefined levels of chargeback activity that trigger alerts, allowing merchants to take action to prevent chargebacks before they become a significant issue.

    Learn about the specific levels of chargeback activity that prompt alerts, equipping merchants with the knowledge to proactively address potential issues before they escalate.


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