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This portal section displays a list of alerts with various features for managing and responding to alerts, including filtering, exporting, and customization options

This is a portal section displaying a list of all alerts, with features to view alert details, send test alerts within a sandbox account, and manually respond to specific alert types.

Filters block

  • Action allows you to manually respond to alerts with specific categories:
    • Refunded
    • Previously Refunded
    • Duplicate
    • Can’t Refund
    • Not found
  • Export to get a .csv file of all filtered MIDs for data portability and external analysis.
  • Filters provides an interface to view all or just pinned filters, streamlining your data view (excluding MID Descriptor and Alert ID, which are pinned by default).
  • Settings:
    • Row adjust row style and height for an optimized view.
    • Shown lets you customize the visible columns in the List of MIDs to display only the data relevant to you.