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Our products offer insights to help monitor and reduce chargeback risk

Chargebackhit addresses and proactively assists with the Glossary
A chargeback is a protective financial mechanism initiated by the issuing bank, where funds are withdrawn from a merchant’s account and reimbursed to the cardholder.
challenges faced by businesses across a wide range of industries. By using Chargebackhit’s suite of products for early-stage Glossary
Dispute is a customer's challenge to a transaction on their account. It often occurs when a cardholder does not recognize a charge, is dissatisfied with a purchase, or suspects fraudulent activity. If not resolved promptly, a dispute can lead to a formal chargeback process.
resolution, companies can effectively mitigate the impact of chargebacks, analyze their trends, safeguard revenue streams, and maximize Glossary
Return on Investment (ROI) quantifies the financial gain or loss from an investment relative to its initial cost, serving as a crucial metric in assessing investment performance.
returns on investment
in chargeback management efforts.


By leveraging the power of real-time transaction insights, merchants can proactively identify potential issues and take prompt decisive action to protect their revenue.
Through seamless integration with major Glossary
Credit card networks facilitate communication between issuing banks and businesses, authorizing and processing transactions, defining terms, and moving payments between customers, merchants, and banks. They enable efficient credit card transaction processing.
card networks
, such as Visa's Glossary
Verifi is a prevention alert network provider that notifies merchants of potential transaction disputes. This allows businesses to issue refunds quickly, helping avoid formal chargebacks and associated fees.
and Mastercard's Glossary
Ethoca is a service that facilitates communication between merchants and card issuers through real-time alerts and information sharing to help resolve disputes and prevent fraud.
, Prevent offers a unified platform for dispute prevention and resolution, and this ensures you:

  • Foster loyalty and save revenue
    Increase customer loyalty and avoid billing confusion to protect your revenue by including the key purchase details.

  • Reduce costs and fraud
    Eliminate friendly fraud and stop disputes before they affect chargeback ratios, cutting overall costs.

  • Improve relations with banks
    Lower seller dispute ratios to foster better relationships with banks.

  • Deflect misuse
    Deflect fraudulent disputes filed under Visa reason code 10.4 in real-time.

Recognizing the importance of swift and efficient dispute resolution, the Resolve solution enhances the process, minimizing the time and resources dedicated to analyzing disputes.
By leveraging advanced and industry-leading approaches offered by Chargebackhit, merchants can promptly address disputes, initiate refunds when necessary, maintain a positive customer experience, and:

  • Prevent MID burnout
    Reduce and control chargeback rates to maintain eligibility for payment processing.

  • Avoid fees
    Exclude chargeback and dispute fees from profit and loss statements and observe improved profitability and financial performance.

  • Cut costs and focus on sales
    Spend less effort on chargeback processing and boost sales, knowing that Chargebackhit handles chargebacks for you.

  • Access global market
    Benefit from cooperation with thousands of issuers.

Recover provides businesses with straightforward strategies to maximize their success rates in chargeback disputes, enforcing their capabilities to reclaim revenue streams efficiently.
By using Recover and providing Glossary
Compelling Evidence 3.0 (CE3.0) is a rule that blocks fraudulent chargebacks by requiring merchants to provide evidence of previous undisputed transactions, shifting liability to issuers and cardholders.
compelling evidence
, responding to disputes within the set timeframes, and drafting persuasive Glossary
Formal responses from merchants to issuers, presenting evidence to contest chargebacks and defend the validity of transactions.
rebuttal letters
, businesses can significantly enhance their prospects of successfully challenging fraudulent or improper chargebacks, and:

  • Improve win rates
    Drive dispute win rates higher with custom templates, increasing the chances of successful chargeback recoveries.

  • Automate process
    Address chargebacks with an automated system, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.

  • Ensure ROI
    Qualify for billing based on successful recovery, ensuring a guaranteed return on investment for your chargeback management efforts.

With Inform, businesses can enhance their fraud detection capabilities, improve analysis, and make data-driven decisions to mitigate payment risks effectively.
Inform is a powerful Glossary
Fraud occurs when a customer disputes a debit from their account under false pretenses.
and dispute monitoring tool that enables businesses to stay ahead of emerging threats. With its Fraud Notice and Dispute Notice services, merchants gain invaluable insights into fraud trends, dispute rates, and potential operational enhancements.

  • Prevent loss
    Block reported cards to prevent future fraudulent activities and associated financial losses.

  • Enhance fraud detection
    Improve internal fraud analytics by using comprehensive fraud data, enabling more effective fraud detection and prevention strategies.

  • Monitor trends
    Notice trending fraud rates to stay ahead of potential threats and adapt your fraud mitigation strategies accordingly.

  • Mitigate risk
    Stay proactive in identifying and mitigating potential fraud, minimizing the impact of fraudulent activities on your business operations.

Chargebackhit’s comprehensive solutions empower businesses to excel in the dynamic digital landscape, providing them with the tools to protect and enhance their revenue streams, strengthen their standing in payment processing, and cultivate an exceptional customer experience.

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