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Account group
This allows for grouping accounts together, facilitating convenient data analysis and aggregation

Account group enables the combination of accounts into groups for easy analysis and data aggregation. Selecting multiple accounts allows for simultaneous data analysis across Guide
Dashboard in Chargebackhit is a graphical interface that provides an overview of key metrics and data related to chargebacks alerts, allowing merchants to quickly monitor and manage their chargeback risk.
, Guide
Chargebackhit's analytics offers comprehensive alert insights, with filterable data and performance metrics sorted by alert frequency.
, Guide
The section provides an interface for managing MIDs, with capabilities for detailed inspection, data modification, filtering, and exporting.
, and Guide
This portal section displays a list of alerts with various features for managing and responding to alerts, including filtering, exporting, and customization options.

When multiple accounts are selected, the system automatically adds necessary columns and filters for better information display.

When more than one account is selected, the function to add new MIDs becomes unavailable.

Group management

On the group management page, essential information about the group, including the group name (Group Name) and administration by group administrators, is available.

  • There is an option to add new administrators, who are automatically added to the active group.
  • A feature has been introduced to grant administrative rights to specific users, allowing delegation of management functions within the group.
The group settings tab becomes available when accounts specifically from this group are selected.

Group administrators have the ability to delegate group management rights to selected users for distributed responsibility.

Account management

On the group management page, group administrators can add new accounts. Each new account created through this page automatically links to the current user.

If the manual refund checkbox is selected while adding a new account, the notification URL will not be set.

The page also provides convenient viewing and management of account settings within the group, including the ability to change the notification URL.