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Account group
Enables account grouping for easy data analysis and aggregation

Account grouping in the Chargebackhit HUB allows you to combine accounts into groups for easy analysis and data aggregation. Selecting multiple accounts helps you analyze data across the Guide
Dashboard in Chargebackhit is a graphical interface that provides an overview of key metrics and data related to chargebacks alerts, allowing merchants to quickly monitor and manage their chargeback risk.
, Guide
Chargebackhit analytics provide detailed insights and metrics on alert frequency.
, Guide
The section provides an interface for managing MIDs, with capabilities for detailed inspection, data modification, filtering, and exporting.
, and Guide
HUB section for alert management with filtering, exporting, and customization.
at the same time.

Upon selecting multiple accounts, the system automatically adds necessary columns and filters to enhance the information display.

However, the ability to create new MIDs becomes unavailable when more than one account is selected.

Group management

The group management page provides a centralized overview of essential group details, including group name and its administrators. When you select accounts associated with a specific group, the dedicated group settings tab becomes available, allowing you to manage and configure settings specific to that group conveniently.

On this page, you can:

  • Add new administrators, who will be automatically added to the active group.
  • Grant administrative rights to specific users to delegate management functions and distribute responsibilities within the group.

Account management

The group management page empowers group administrators to handle account settings. Each account created through this page is automatically linked to the specific user.

On this page, you can:

  • Add new accounts. If you enable the Manual refund option for the account during the creation process, the system will not set a notification URL for that specific account.
  • Have a comprehensive view and modify account settings, such as the notification URL, for each account within the group.

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