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Manage MIDs with inspection, modification, filtering, and exporting capabilities

This feature displays all MIDs, permits access to individual MID details, and enables manual addition or file-based import of new MIDs.

The dashboard consists of:

  • Add MID
  • Filters block


  • PSP Name
    Enter the name of the Payment Service Provider associated with the MID. Ensure the name is accurate for correct association.
  • Descriptor
    Provide the Descriptor related to the MID. This is a unique identifier that will help you distinguish between different MIDs in your system.
  • Internal ID
    Fill in your internal identification number for this MID. Keeping your internal tracking consistent with the system will aid in efficient management and analysis.
  • Visa CAID
    Input the Visa Card Acceptor ID (CAID) associated with the MID. This is a specific identifier used by Visa, so accuracy is crucial for proper transaction tracking.
  • Visa BIN
    Enter the Bank Identification Number (BIN) assigned by Visa for the MID. Accurate input is essential for transaction routing and chargeback handling.
  • MCC
    Fill in the Merchant Category Code (MCC) related to the MID. MCCs help in categorizing the type of business or service you provide, contributing to efficient transaction analysis.
  • Active products
    Tick the appropriate boxes for the products (Prevent, Resolve, Inform) that are active for this MID. Activating these products helps you manage alerts effectively and prevent chargebacks.

All fields in the HUB form are mandatory. For more detailed information, refer to the Guide
Essential parameters for an effective Chargebackhit's onboarding guide.
onboarding parameters
section. In specific cases where certain information like BIN/CAID is not required (as in the case with Ethoca), technical values can be used instead (such as duplicating the descriptor).

Import MIDs

For importing MIDs, ensure that your file doesn’t exceed the maximum size limit of 2MB. Also, the system supports only CSV file type for import, so format your data accordingly for a smooth and error-free import process.

Active products

Explore the stages each product experiences when connected to a MID. It assists in tracking progress, anticipating operational requirements, and addressing challenges efficiently, all crucial for smooth transaction handling and effective decision-making.

Status Description
The MID is currently undergoing the enrollment process.
The MID is currently in the transitional phase of being removed from active service.
The MID has been forwarded for enrollment (provider-side action required).
The MID has been successfully enrolled, but no alerts have been received yet.
The MID has received its first alert.
Enrollment for the MID is temporarily paused.
Additional information from the merchant is required to continue with the enrollment.
The MID is enrolled with a different provider; enrollment through this system is not possible.
This status indicates that the MID is active but does not require alert services, typically for accounts that are either low-risk.
The MID has been disenrolled from the service.

Filters block

  • Export utilize this function to obtain a .csv file of all filtered MIDs for offline use or further analysis.
  • Filters provide a user-friendly way to see either all current filters or just the ones you’ve pinned, aiding in quick data sifting. (excluding Descriptor and Status, which are pinned by default).
  • Settings:
    • Row you can tailor the row style and height for a comfortable viewing experience.
    • Shown allows customization of displayed columns in the List of MIDs, ensuring that only relevant data is visible.