Onboarding parameters
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Onboarding parameters
Essential parameters for an effective Chargebackhit's onboarding guide

Description of static parameters used by Chargebackhit for Guide
The section provides an interface for managing MIDs, with capabilities for detailed inspection, data modification, filtering, and exporting.
enrollment, including Guide
Chargebackhit system prevents disputes and protects revenue by providing enriched transaction information to issuers and customers in real-time.

Name Description Requirement Products
PSP Name A financial institution that facilitates online transactions. It connects merchants to card networks and payment processors for payment processing. Mandatory General
Payment Descriptor Company’s name, that appears on a credit card statement and is set up when the merchant account is established.

The Merchant Descriptor field will be evaluated from left to right. If an " * " (asterisk) is present in the Merchant Descriptor, Visa will evaluate from left to right until it reaches the " * " character.
  • A combination of PAN, Merchant Category Code (MCC), and exact/first 6 characters of the Merchant Descriptor will be used to identify potential matches for CE3.0
Mandatory Prevent (CC, OI, CE3.0)
Resolve (RDR, CDRN, Ethoca)
Visa BIN The Acquirer BIN is a 6-digit numeric that Visa assigns to each Acquirer. Your Acquirer may have one or more Acquirer BINs assigned to the business.
This value is available in positions 2-7 of the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN).
Mandatory Prevent (OI, CE3.0)
Resolve (RDR)
Visa CAID Card Acceptor ID (CAID) is an internal identifier that your Acquirer assigns to your business when creating the merchant account used for financial processing. Depending on your Acquirer setup, you may have one or more CAIDs used across your financial operations. It is critical that all combinations are identified and enrolled otherwise activity for Order Insight, Inform Notices or Rapid Dispute Resolution may be missed. Mandatory Prevent (OI, CE3.0)
Resolve (RDR)
MCC Merchant Category Code - four-digit numbers that describe a merchant’s primary business activities. Mandatory Prevent (OI, CE3.0)
Resolve (RDR, CDRN, Ethoca)
Website URL URL for the merchant’s website where the consumer made the online purchase. Mandatory Prevent (CC, OI, CE3.0)
Contact Support Phone Merchant’s customer service phone number, should be the number you would want a consumer to contact you to discuss any questions they may have about the purchase.
Must be in E.164 format ("+" ,3 digit country code, 12 digit telephone number).
Mandatory Prevent (CC, OI, CE3.0)
Contact Support Email Support email address customers should use to follow up directly with Merchant. Mandatory Prevent (CC, OI, CE3.0)
Merchant Name Corporate or Parent company name of the Merchant. Mandatory Prevent (CC, OI, CE3.0)
Merchant URL Merchant corporate business URL. May or may NOT be different from the URL the purchase was made from. Mandatory Prevent (CC, OI, CE3.0)
Terms and Conditions URL The URL for the full terms and conditions policy. Mandatory Prevent (CC, OI, CE3.0)
Merchant Refund Policy Website The URL for the full refund policy. Mandatory Prevent (CC, OI, CE3.0)
Seller Brand Logo URL The URL for approved merchant logo. Mandatory Prevent (CC, OI, CE3.0)
Mastercard BIN The Acquirer BIN is a 6-digit numeric that Mastercard assigns to each Acquirer. Mandatory Prevent (CC)
Mastercard CAID The Card Acceptor ID for MID in Mastercard. Mandatory Prevent (CC)
AMEX SE number SE Number issued by Amex for the Merchant. Mandatory Resolve (CDRN)
Discover SE number Discover SE numbers start with 6011 and are 15 digits long, following the pattern 6011***********. Mandatory Resolve (CDRN)
Merchant Address (Discover) This is the address associated to your Merchant Account with Discover, which can be different for each Discover MID. Mandatory Resolve (CDRN)
Legal Entity (AMEX/Discover) Merchant’s legal entity name. Mandatory Resolve (CDRN)
Internal ID Client’s alias and custom ID to link MIDs across different systems. If not in place, fill in with Payment Descriptor. Recommended General
ARN Acquirer reference number. Is unique 23-digit number, available on all settled Visa and Mastercard transactions between an acquiring bank and an issuing bank.
Visa ARNs within the last 120 days can be used for validation or sourcing of Visa BIN/CAID.
Recommended Prevent (OI, CE3.0)
Resolve (RDR) Inform
Merchant Address Merchant’s corporate business address. Recommended Prevent (CC, OI, CE3.0)