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Increase win rates and recover revenue with chargeback representment and compelling evidence

The cardholder is entitled to dispute an invalid or unauthorized payment, and the merchant is entitled to dispute an improper or fraudulent funds reversal request. This process is called chargeback representment.

To prevent chargebacks effectively, consider adopting the following strategies:

  • Timely response
    Respond to chargeback notifications within the required timeframe, typically 7-30 days. Failure to respond within this period results in the chargeback being accepted by default.
  • Rebuttal letter
    Compose a brief, one-page letter that clearly and persuasively outlines your counterarguments to the cardholder's claims. This rebuttal letter should present your case in a concise and compelling manner.
  • Compelling evidence
    Ensure you have the documentation supporting your argument and countering the claim. Each chargeback reason code has specific criteria regarding acceptable evidence against it, so it is essential to review it to determine the necessary documentation. For example, there is an established set of CE3.0 criteria that need to be met to challenge disputes associated with the Visa reason code Guide
    Visa’s Reason Codes follow a format of two digits, a period, and a third digit. The first two digits indicate which category the reason code falls under: 10 for Fraud, 11 for Authorization, 12 for Processing Errors, and 13 for Customer Disputes. The third digit indicates the specific reason within this category.
    10.4 (Fraud – Card Absent Transaction)