The dashboard in Chargebackhit is a graphical interface that provides an overview of key metrics and data related to chargebacks alerts, allowing merchants to quickly monitor and manage their chargeback risk

The dashboard in Chargebackhit HUB is a page that displays the key metrics for an account within a specified time period. The time period can be selected from preset options such as today, month, year, or all time. Alternatively, a custom time interval can be selected.

The purpose of the dashboard is to provide an overview of the account performance, enabling the user to quickly assess the status of their account.

The dashboard consists of: cbh_hub_1.8

  • Selection of interval block buttons
  • Alerts - number of alerts during the period
  • MIDs Active - number of MIDs active during the period
  • MIDs Total - total number of MIDs
  • Alert Activity - bar chart of product activity
  • Alert Performance - chart with alert response statistics

Interval block buttons

Interval block buttons in Chargebackhit refer to the controls that allow the user to set the frequency at which they receive chargeback alerts for analysis. Interval block buttons typically allow the user to choose from a set of predefined intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, or to set a custom interval.


  • Interval dates selected
  • Today
  • Month
  • Year
  • All time
Intervals are applied to all blocks.

The View by block can be used for a more detailed display, for example: cbh_hub_1.10

  • All time by Years/Months/Weeks/Days
  • Year by Months/Weeks/Days, etc.



Positive Negative

  • Count

The number of all alerts displayed to the merchant for the selected period is displayed.

  • Percentage

% change compared to the previous period. If the current month is selected, then the current month is compared to the previous one. If a custom period is selected (for example, 7-22 September), then it is compared to an analogous period before it (22 August-7 September).

% change is not displayed if:

  • the mirror interval <= 0
  • the mirror interval < the selected period

MIDs Active


Positive Negative

  • Count

The number of all MIDs for which there was at least one displayed alert during the selected period.

  • Percentage

The percentage change compared to the previous period is shown for the number of MIDs will at least one alert displayed for the selected period. If a custom interval is selected (e.g. 7-22 September), it is compared to a similarly-length period before it (22 August-7 September).

MIDs Total


Positive Negative

  • Count

The number of all MIDs added to the system.

  • Percentage

To calculate the % change in the number of MIDs added to the system in relation to the previous period, we would compare the number of MIDs added during the selected period to the number of MIDs added in an equivalent period prior to it. If a custom period is selected (e.g. 7th to 22nd of September), then the comparison would be made to an equivalent period prior to it (22nd of August to 7th of September).

Alert Activity


  • X-axis represents days
  • Y-axis represents the number of alerts
  • The curves represent individual products. Upon hovering over a day on the graph, pop-up details show the date, date range, month, or year, depending on the grouping, product, and number of alerts.
The default view is for the last 30 days.

Alert Performance


  • The division size is the number of alerts.
    • When hovering over a division on the chart, information about the number of alerts and their percentage of the total is displayed.
  • Below the chart is a table with a legend, the percentage of all alerts, and the number of alerts, sorted in descending order.
    • We always sort from the largest division to the smallest one. The Other category is always listed last.

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