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Resolve disputes efficiently with Chargebackhit automation

It is crucial to protect dispute ratios by addressing fraud and non-fraud disputes at the pre-dispute stage. Glossary
Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) is a program offered by Visa that facilitates expedited resolution of certain disputes for merchants. With RDR, merchants have the capability to process returns to address specific disputes automatically.
Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)
, Glossary
Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) is a program that enables merchants to resolve certain disputes quickly and efficiently by directing refunds within a specified timeframe, thereby preventing chargebacks.
Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN)
, and Glossary
Ethoca is a service that facilitates communication between merchants and card issuers through real-time alerts and information sharing to help resolve disputes and prevent fraud.
minimize the impact on ratios and avoid monitoring programs.

Chargebackhit offers solutions such as Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR), Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN), and Ethoca to provide real-time dispute handling, efficient chargeback processing, and improved communication.

These tools help lower dispute ratios, optimize processes, maintain refund control, and gain clear visibility into disputes.

With the Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) feature, disputes are resolved in real time using a decision-making engine, eliminating manual refund processing. The system operates on predefined merchant rules, evaluating disputes to determine if they result in a refund or a chargeback.

The RDR rules require a unique name and allow up to eight conditions for each rule, with at least one condition identifying a factor in the transaction and its value. These factors can include transaction amount, transaction date, currency code, dispute categories, and dispute categories, among other relevant transaction details.
Optimize dispute resolution with targeted refunds to improve seller performance. The Init-refund process is an example of efficiency. It provides merchants with proactive tactics to address pre-dispute scenarios by issuing targeted refunds within 72 hours, covering both Visa and non-Visa transactions.

Integrating Chargebackhit's advanced solutions significantly reduces the friction associated with disputes, contributing to a more reliable and customer-friendly shopping experience. The main steps of the Init-refund process include matching the notification with the transaction.

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