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Chargebackhit cuts fraud and disputes using real-time data and refined deflection tactics

Chargebackhit sends real-time transaction details to issuers and cardholders. This includes product information, delivery details, and company information. The goal is to reduce billing misunderstandings and prevent friendly fraud. By providing more details upfront, cardholders and call centers have interactions enhanced with clarity, which can result in issue resolution before disputes arise.

Chargebackhit’s technology transmits purchase data instantaneously, encompassing product information, delivery details, and company information through:

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    Order Insight, formerly referred to as Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry, is a platform that allows merchants to stop Visa chargebacks before they are initiated by the customer. Merchants integrated with OI can provide card issuers with the detailed company, customer, order, and product information in real-time.
    Order Insight (OI)
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    Consumer Clarity, formerly referred to as Ethoca Eliminator, is a platform that allows the merchant to provide details of the transaction to the issuing bank to prevent unlawful chargebacks.
    Consumer Clarity (CC)

Through the integration of our system, transaction data can be shared and leveraged for several purposes. Transaction data enhances call center interactions and allows for the use of pre-dispute compelling evidence to prevent fraudulent disputes. Additionally, it enables the employment of pre-dispute Guide
The new requirements change the meaning of what Visa considers compelling evidence, including the data elements that must match previous undisputed transactions, number of prior uncontested transactions, age of previous uncontested transactions, and liability for the dispute.
Compelling evidence 3.0 (CE3.0)
for fraud dispute deflection.

OI and CC refer to scenarios where cardholders contact their card issuers to obtain details about a purchase. The solutions aim to provide a consistent experience for both the cardholder and the issuer.

In contrast, CE3.0 is a relatively new rule that completely prohibits accepting fraudulent disputes by issuers if merchants provide compelling evidence.

CE3.0 applies to disputes involving Visa reason code 10.4, which signifies instances where the cardholders claim that they either did not authorize or engage in a card-not-present transaction. This reason code is frequently associated with first-party or friendly fraud transactions.

CE3.0, effective from April 2023, operates through the OI alerts channel. It prohibits fraudulent chargebacks to issuers if the merchant provides evidence of previous undisputed transactions to shift dispute liability to issuers and cardholders.

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