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Leverage post-authorization fraud and dispute notifications to lower payment risk

The rapid advancement of technology has significantly transformed the landscape of fraudulent activities. As the volume of online transactions continues to rise, businesses need a more efficient and effective way to detect and prevent fraud. Verifi’s Inform solution is designed to empower businesses in the digital age, providing them with the tools and insights they need to combat the ever-evolving threat of fraud. The solution allows merchants to:

  • Prevent future losses
  • Enhance fraud detection and review
  • Track trending fraud rates
  • Improve link analysis and analytics through API, batch file, or web portal

Inform offers two key data services to enhance the fraud prevention efforts:

  • Fraud Notice
    Receive all Visa-confirmed fraud notifications (TC40) from a single, centralized source. Leverage this data to track fraud rate trends and enhance your link analysis, modeling, and overall fraud analytics capabilities.
  • Dispute Notice
    Receive all Visa fraud and non-fraud disputes from a single source. Then, identify potential operational and service enhancements to elevate the customer experience.

Merchants can mitigate risk by making use of fraud and dispute data through various delivery methods offered by Chargebackhit, including its web portal, direct API integration, or daily batch file.

Chargebackhit’s Inform solution grants businesses the ability to proactively minimize the risk of future fraud incidents by taking advantage of insights into fraud and dispute data. Merchants can block reported cards to prevent future fraudulent activities, use the data to improve their internal fraud analytics, and stay proactive in identifying potential threats.