Use the direct delivery of post-authorization fraud and dispute notifications to minimize payment risk in Chargebackhit

Inform, Verifi’s solution for fraud and dispute notifications, can improve business operations for sellers by providing access to reported card information to prevent future losses, enhance fraud detection and review, track trending fraud rate, and improve link analysis and fraud analytics through API, batch file, or portal.

Utilize fraud and dispute data to mitigate risk as a seller:

  • Fraud Notice
Receive all Visa confirmed fraud notifications (TC40) from a single source. Utilize data for tracking fraud rates and enhancing link analysis, modeling, and fraud analytics.

  • Dispute Notice
Receive all Visa fraud and non-fraud disputes from a single source. Identify potential operational and service enhancements to enhance the customer experience.

Mitigate risk by utilizing fraud and dispute data with flexible delivery options through Chargebackhit’s web portal, direct API integration, or daily batch file.

Chargebackhit’s inform solution allows sellers to utilize fraud and dispute data to proactively mitigate the risk of future fraud attempts. Sellers can block reported cards to prevent future fraud, use the data to enhance their internal fraud analytics, and stay ahead of potential threats.