User management
User management
User management in Chargebackhit refers to the functionality for administrators to create, edit, and manage user accounts and their access to the system's features and data

User management is important in the Chargebackhit HUB because it allows the system to:

  • Control access
    Determine who has access to the system, what they can see and do, and their level of permission.
  • Improve security
    Limit the number of people who can access sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Maintain accountability
    Keep track of who makes changes to the system to help identify potential issues or problems.
  • Streamline communication
    Assign different roles and responsibilities to different users, such as administrator, analyst, and alert manager, to improve collaboration and communication.

Having user management in Chargebackhit helps to ensure that the system is being used efficiently, securely, and effectively. User management in Chargebackhit would include:

Predefined user roles, such as administrator, analyst, alert manager, etc. determine the level of access and permissions for each user.
Specific actions that users can perform within the system.
Individual accounts for each user with their personal information, such as email, date of creation of the account, status, and roles.


This structure enables effective management of users in a chargeback alert system, ensuring that the system is secure and being used efficiently and effectively.

Add user


  • Email
  • Account
    A list of already-created options will be available for selection with a checkbox.
  • Roles

Manage user table

Action buttons become available after setting the checkbox for a specific user: cbh_hub_1.3

  • Block/Unblock
  • Cancel
    Reset button for established checkboxes

Additional features: cbh_hub_1.4

  • Copy email by clicking on it
  • View detailed information by clicking on the flip side

cbh_hub_1.5 Additionally, the user information page allows for group management.

Filters table


  • Email
  • Roles
    • Admin
    • Alert manager
    • Analyst
    • Manager
  • Status
    • Active/Block

Apply button is needed to apply set filters.

Users table

cbh_hub_1.7 FFor viewing the user list more conveniently, it can be configured:

  • Row Style
  • Row Height
  • Shown

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