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This page with settings for Chargebackhit users to configure their preferences

This Chargebackhit HUB section offers settings to configure integration between the merchant’s system and Chargebackhit. This integration guarantees smooth communication, enabling Chargebackhit to promptly deliver notifications regarding chargeback alerts to the merchant. The settings consist of:

  • Notification URL
    This is a merchant endpoint where all alert notifications will be received.
  • API keys
    Public and Secret keys. API keys are unique identifiers used to secure and authenticate the communication between Chargebackhit and other systems. They allow Chargebackhit to ensure that requests come from a trusted source.

Accurately configuring the Notification URL and incorporating the API keys into your system are essential steps to ensure a successful setup for communication with the chargeback alert service provider.

To configure settings and integrate

  1. Provide the URL of the system where Chargebackhit will send chargeback notifications. This ensures alerts are delivered to the correct endpoint within your infrastructure.
  2. Add Chargebackhit API keys to your system. These unique keys are automatically generated upon account creation and can be copied and added on your side.
  3. After setting up the Notification URL and API keys, test the integration. This action verifies the configurations on both sides are accurate.

Upon successfully completing these necessary steps, you enable Chargebackhit to establish a secure and reliable communication channel with your system, ensuring seamless delivery of chargeback alert notifications.

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