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This page with settings for Chargebackhit users to configure their preferences

The settings with URL and API keys in a chargeback alert system refer to the configuration options.

  • URL
    This is a Merchant endpoint where all alert notifications will be received.

  • API Key
    Public and Secret key. An API key is a unique identifier used to secure and authenticate the communication between Chargebackhit and other systems. The API key allows Chargebackhit to receive and transmit data securely and to confirm that the request is coming from a trusted source.

Setting up the URL and API keys in Chargebackhit involves the following steps:

  • Obtain an API key from the chargeback alert system provider
  • The API key will already be entered into the system upon authorization
  • Enter the URL into the configuration that needs to communicate with Chargebackhit
Test the integration to confirm that the URL and API key are correctly configured and that the Chargebackhit is able to securely communicate with other systems